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Barista & Farmer, now in its third edition, is the first international show entirely dedicated to the world of top-quality coffee, a one-of-a-kind and innovative project aimed at promoting coffee culture, from plantation harvesting in the country of origin, through all the processing phases, using various technologies, right up to the tasting experience and all consumption opportunities.
For 10 days ten coffee lovers can experience the deeds of living like a picker, working in a coffee farm.
They wake up at early hours to spend the morning in the plantation in order to pick the coffee beans. In the afternoon they attend the Academy of Barista & Farmer, a unique and multidisciplinary school where world famous coffee experts acted as teachers.
Furthermore competitions and special events will animate the days in the two fincas.
The protagonists will have the opportunity, through the dense Academy educational program, to receive a well-rounded education with the best experts in the field, on the various aspects that make up the complex chain of coffee.
Each day will be marked by lectures on specific subjects such as botany, agronomy and chemistry applied to the field of coffee. Demonstrations and practical tests will refine the skills acquired.
The result will be a total immersion and a professional experience unique and unrepeatable.
At Sigep, at the centre of the world’s most famous artisan pastry  event, in the most exclusive location where exposure is greatest, the images will be screened of the documentary film on the education experience of Barista & Farmer.