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Sigep Academy

Within the new Sigep Lab format, a special area dedicated to experimentation, tasting and sharing training content. An appointment not to be missed for all who wish to discover the secrets of the Italian “white art”. Also on the calendar are themed games and tastings.

Organised by Sigep - Italian Exhibition Group and coordinated by the Richemont Club.


Young Ideas
Young talents are back at SIGEP with a competition designed for schools.
The following Italian schools will be competing:
CASA DEL GIOVANE, Castiglione delle Stiviere
SFP Brandolini Rota, Oderzo
IISS “P.Cillario Ferrero” Arte Bianca, Neive
EINAP Veneto Impresa Sociale, Vicenza
Fondazione EinapLombardia, Busto Arsizio
CFP LANCENIGO, Lancenigo di Villorba
SFP ENGIM VENETO “E.REFFO”, Tonnezza del Cimone
Daily challenges, awards ceremony on Wednesday 23rd January.

Past, present and future bread
To what extent does bread affect our health? How has bread  evolved over the past 40 years for the well-being of Italians? What’s the future of bread looking like? These questions are all at the core of SIGEP.
The show has faithfully reflected this evolution over time while also playing a major role in the evolution itself.
Monday, 21st January.

BAKERY PROfessional
Il Panificatore Italiano magazine will conduct daily interviews at SIGEP featuring the field’s pre-eminent experts on trends, technologies, most innovative products and novelties in the art of baking. A valuable overview and a rich range of clues and ideas that will trace an image of what the future bakery may look like.
Each day of the show!