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More than two years since the last national competitions, held at Sigep in January 2020, the spotlight is back on contests for baristas and coffee professionals.
The Italian championships for the Barista, Brewers Cup and Cup Tasters categories will be held at Sigep 2022.
At this exciting event, young coffee professionals will compete for the national title in the three disciplines.

The 2022 Italian champions of the Barista and Brewers Cup contests will compete in the WCC in Melbourne, on 27-30 September 2022. The national Cup Tasters 2022 winner will compete in their world final in Warsaw on 23-25 June 2022, together with the rest of the 2020 Italian champions team.

Saturday 12, Sunday 13 and Monday 14
CIBC - Italian Barista Championship Cafeteria

Monday 14 and Tuesday 15
BREWERS CUP Italian Championship

Wednesday 16
Italian Cup Tasting Championship

THE DOLCE COMMUNITY – Sponsor statements

“We are honoured to confirm our support for the finals of the Italian Barista Championships for the two-year period 2022-2023 at the next edition of SIGEP in March, where our Faema President GTI, an ideal combination of quality, ergonomics and innovation, will take centre stage. Our participation as official partners of SCA Italy is intended to demonstrate our ties to professionals in the sector, whose future undoubtedly faces challenges, but which we will however meet with great determination to relaunch the hospitality business”.

Josep Feixa, Sales Director Italy Gruppo Cimbali

" Our aim is to spread the culture of coffee, and tasting is fundamental for anyone working in the sector; this is why we cooperate with Sigep and SCA Italy in producing the final in this speciality.
Competitions play a very important role both professionally and personally for those who take part in them: they combine competition with important opportunities to meet, share knowledge and compare notes, which the whole sector needs, especially at a time like this, when so many events have not been held.
With its coffees, CSC offers reliable sourcing, social commitment, collaboration with farmers and high quality in both the raw materials and the product in the cup".

Paola Goppion, Chairman CSC - Caffè Speciali Certificati

"We are honoured to have been one of the first companies in the world of Italian coffee to support the SCA - Specialty Coffee Association competition circuit.
As a company, we firmly believe that competitions are a key tool in training baristas and raising their awareness of the many ways to offer a quality product to their customers.
On the Sigep stage, we are able to bring the latest technological innovations to a wide audience, not only professionals but also newcomers to the world of coffee."

Alberto Cocci, CEO DM ITALIA Srl, and official  ANFIM distributor for Italy

"BRITA has always been synonymous with ACQUALITà (“water quality”), and supports competitions in order to encourage people to give their best and to support those who always strive for excellence, not only to improve the products served, but to increase the culture and value of coffee ".

Lorenzo Sarvello, Managing Director BRITA Italia

"BWT Water+More, created 15 years ago and active in Italy’s horeca market ever since, has always had a boundless love for coffee; it immediately understood that competitions were the future of our sector.
In particular, the partnership of SCA / BWT Water+More has allowed many baristas to compete and develop their skills. Within the BWT group, it has stimulated a frenetic search for the best water for every occasion, for every coffee, for every location.
The bond between Italian baristas and BWT Water+More is strong even today, and is constantly refreshed through the sponsorship of local events supporting the development of coffee in Italy and worldwide, and through taking part in events at schools and trainer Calibrations.
The link has been strengthened further with the recent news regarding the sponsorship of WBC events for the next four years until 2025; through this sponsorship, this link will be expanded worldwide to support".

Sergio Barbarisi, International Key Account Manager – BWT Water+More
Sales Director – BWT Italia Horeca and Vending division