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Road to... Gelato World Cup 2024

The Gelato World Cup will return as an in-person event at Sigep 2024, with the aim of highlighting the excellence of traditional artisan gelato making, helping to develop and blend the skills of taste professionals, and promoting friendship and cooperation between them.
Each competing team will be composed of four competitors, with skills in: gelato making, pastry/chocolaterie, ice sculpture and haute cuisine.

The journey to the 10th edition of the Gelato World Cup begins at Sigep 2022, where the Gelato Arena will host Sigep Gelato D’oro – The Italian Gelato Maker and Pastry Chef Selection, the event that will select the gelato maker and pastry chef who will compete in the first Gelato European Cup.

Promoted by Club Italia of the Gelato World Cup, the Gelato European Cup will be the big new development at Sigep 2023.
The competition will select the European teams, composed of gelato makers and pastry chefs, who will compete at the 10th Gelato World Cup.


Pastry chef selection
23 January 2022

  • Crunchy artistic piece
  • Chocolate gelato cake

Gelato maker selection
Semi-final - 24 and 25 January 2022

  • Mystery Crema
  • Mystery Fruit

Final - 26 January 2022

  • Single portion in glass
  • Gourmet gelato