Pastry Events


The only event of its kind, held every two years, the Pastry Queen competition is intended specifically for women pastry-chefs from around the world, to give them a unique opportunity to put their skills to the test and find new inspiration for a successful and stimulating career.
A highcalibre professional event, run in accordance with the strictest and fairest of professional standards and held in Italy - the cradle of confectionery and pastry-making art.
The competition will be held as part of SIGEP, a specialist trade fair held in Rimini since 1979 and especially for pastry chefs and ice-cream, chocolate and bread makers from around the world.
“The Pastry Queen” has set its sights on becoming a gold-standard international event in the pastry-making world, guaranteeing a professional platform that will showcase the category and encourage valuable feelings of goodwill, quality, passion and love for the profession, creativity, collaboration and respect. All are part of the ethics that form the foundations of the sector, giving it solid roots and a constructive vision for the future.
An opportunity to share experiences and a platform for growth for female chefs who work with elegance and style to demonstrate to the world the professionalism of the international pastrymaking sector.