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´The importance of technology in the pastry world´ is fundamental. It enables to become a true professional rather than a jack-of-all-trades. So said Maestro Iginio Massari, in a talk with Gino Fabbri. Two names that represent excellence in artisan pastry begin, for the Academy of Italian Master Pastry Chefs and for Sigep, the program of the ´Sigep Lab´, a format in live streaming from the aula magna of CAST Alimenti in Brescia, conceived by Italian Exhibition Group for its Sigep Exp, on a digital platform from 15th to 17th March (access via the site). CAST teacher Yuri Cestari, launches a provocation and sets the RoboQbo, created by Giuseppe Malavasi, to make custard. With a robot? Yes, and with 30 years´ experience. ´The custard we saw has a unique smoothness that is difficult to achieve by hand. What use are machines? They´re needed to improve men´s work. These machines seem to be the magic wands I dreamed of as a boy´, says Massari. ´People are waiting for us with new products. This period mustn´t go to waste, but be used to improve our products with new proposals´, added Fabbri. And, replying to those who are sceptical about technology in the pastry world, Fabbri says, ´In the 1800´s, if a colleague had had a machine, he´d have used it. If you´re a professional, you use it, otherwise you´re just a poet.´

Knowing how to present one´s product, transforming sales methods and collaborating with gelato maker colleagues. The final aim: raising the average price of artisan gelato. This is the recipe of the talk show organized by Editrade broadcast from the Vision Plaza, the think tank of Sigep Exp wanted by Italian Exhibition Group on the digital platform for this 2021 edition 2021, while awaiting the live one on January 2022. ´During both the 2020 lockdown and in this period of restrictions, it was necessary to propose artisan gelato without being able to see the product. Take-away and delivery require a radical change of business strategies: from passive to active sales. In order to do this, gelato makers must learn to communicate and describe their products, like award-winning chefs do, aware of their value´, explained Franco Cesare Puglisi, journalist, publisher and CEO of Editrade. Stefano Giordani, master gelato maker from Maniago, talked about his experience, ´Between 2020 and the beginning of 2021, we began to describe our gelato on social networks, matching the various flavours with products we already had on hand, chocolates, which became gadgets. The solution for recovery is to communicate about the product we make and spoil clients more than ever.´ Massimiliano Scotti, Master gelato maker and European gelato champion, launched his proposal to colleagues, ´One idea could be to launch monthly capsules, with very unusual recherché flavours, perhaps with regional ingredients, such as for example malaga made with Amarone, taking the Veneto region to Piedmont, Lombardy to Campania, exchanging recipes and starting to raise the price of our products.´

Jochen Pinsker, Senior Vice President, Foodservice Europe of NPD Group, outlines, in a talk with Matteo Figura, Foodservice Italia Director of NPD Group, a map on which to find one´s way in the coming months, or perhaps years. It is the first important glance outside the border of the Italian market that arrives from Vision Plaza, the think tank of Sigep Exp wanted by Italian Exhibition Group on the digital platform from 15th to 17th March. In Europe, over half the sector´s losses are due to the block on travel to work or school. This change has four factors: ´Buying power, reduction in time and space, consumers´ perception and, lastly, changes in private life and work styles, smart working, closure of offices, reduction of travel for work.´ The scenario that emerges is up-and-down, says Pinsker. ´In 2021, a turnover of 246 billion euros is forecast, not as positive as previous years, but better than 2020. As long as it´s Covid that sets the rules, we are obliged to stay at home, with therefore a push toward digitalization, home delivery and comfort food.´ Whereas, for after the pandemic, the NPD Group analyst foresees a new type of socialization, greater interest in sustainability, new opportunities in new locations. The key word will be the ease of access to food, starting with the variety, even away from home.

Italian Exhibition Group´s Sigep Exp´s Vision Plaza hosts the issue that all the product chains have in common: sustainability. Thanks to a talk show organized by ITALMOPA, which brings together in Confindustria Italian flourmill enterprises. In the spotlight, Italy´s second industry, i.e. food production, and two case studies: Barilla and Agugiaro & Figna Molini. ´The food industry is one of our heritages, which in the last 9 years has reduced its waste of water and CO2 emission. There is really very little waste: packaging has been reduced by 35%, aluminium by 30% and glass by 60%. And we are ready to make a contribution to the European ´Farm to fork´ strategy, reminded the president of Federalimentare, Ivano Vacondio. Good for you, good for the planet. This has been Barilla´s mission for ten years, reminds Michele Zerbini, head flour buyer for the Parma-based multinational. The objective: achieving 100% sustainability with supplier partners pushing for a less use of chemistry and more biodiversity. This led to the birth of the ´mill charter´, for the chain of Barila´s suppliers, which foresees that 3% of the area of soft wheat cultivation is destined to flower cultivation. A genuine green turn-around also for the ´Bosco del Mulino´ (Mill Wood) by Molini Agugiaro and Figna, who have decided to dedicate 13 hectares to a wood, as was explained by Marco Benedetti, research manager with CINSA. A concrete way of returning green value to the employees and the community which transforms an undertaking in poetry. For architect Lisa Di Marco, who developed this project for the flour mill company, it is a way of increasing the value of the land which goes beyond the use and exploitation of a natural resource and gives back freedom.


9:30/10:00 am
Post-COVID growth factors on the Asiatic markets
Sanjev Kangatharan, Director, Foodservice Australia, NPD Group
Matteo Figura, Director, Foodservice Italia, NPD Group

10:00/10:30 am
ÔSweetroot´ part 1 (desserts with vegetables)
Filippo Falciola, Junior Executive Manager CAST Alimenti
Samuele Calzari, Lecturer and coordinator of Sigep Giovani

10:30/11:00 am
The present future (macro and micro trends on the evolution of pastry making)
Livia Chiriotti, Managing Editor, Pasticceria Internazionale
Giuseppe Amato, Pastry Chef
Alessandro Dalmasso, President, Club Italia Coupe du Monde de la Pâtisserie
Leonardo Di Carlo, Pastry Chef
Giambattista Montanari, Pastry Chef

11:00/11:30 am
Training . the key word for companies´ success (pastry)
Angelo Musolino, President Conpait
Antonio Chiera, Maestro Conpait

11:30 am /12 noon
WPS - M&T Observatory - the 5 recipes for recovery
Iginio Massari, Pastry Chef
Carlo Meo, MD, M&T
Francesco Briglia, Director, Italian Gourmet

12:00/12:30 pm
When milk becomes art
Carmen Clemente, Italian Champion Latte Art 2020
Manuela Fensore, World Latte Art Champion 2019
Fabio Sipione, Event Coordinator, SCA Italy

12:30/1:00 pm
Opportunities in foodservice supply chain digitalization
Paolo Cibien, Foodservice Engagement Manager, GS1 Italy
Matteo Figura, Director, Foodservice Italia, NPD Group
Virgilio Maretto, CEO and Co-founder Posti

2:30/3:30 pm
Travelling between the world of dreams and the real world with Fabrizio Fiorani
Livia Chiriotti, Managing Editor, Pasticceria Internazionale
Fabrizio Fiorani, Pastry Chef

3:00/3:30 pm
Gelato Day
Marco Miquel Sirvent, Current President, Artglace
Domenico Belmonte, Vice president Artglace
Silvia Chirico, Owner, Tenuta Chirico
Marianna Rizzo, Biologist and nutritionist
Ciro Fraddanno, Gelato Chef

3:30/4:00 pm
How Covid has changed our perception of bread
Andrea Carrassi, Director, ASSITOL
Anna Cane, President, ASSITOL olive oil group
Giovanni Bizzarri, President AIBI
Cesare Marinoni, President, Milan Bakers Association
Palmino Poli, Vice President, AIBI

4:00/4:30 pm
Green bread: how to be eco-sustainable
Fabrizio Zucchi, Vice president, Richemont Club Italia
Roberto Perotti, President, RCI and Vice president, Richemont Club International
Nicholas Tecchiolli, Baker and member, Richemont Club Italia

4:30/5:00 pm
Synergy in supply chains to reduce waste
Carol Povigna, Coordinator, Pollenzo Food Lab
Nahuel Buracco, Technician, Pollenzo Food Lab

5:30/6:00 pm
Outlook on the US food industry
David Portalatin, Senior Vice president, NPD Group
Matteo Figura, Director, Foodservice Italia, NPD Group

6:30/7:00 pm
How can coffee bars invert the trend to drink coffee at home?
Andrea Mongilardi, Journalist, Bargiornale
Nadia Rossi, Journalist, Bargiornale
Andrea Matarangolo, Education Coordinator, SCA Italia
Chiara Bergonzi, Trainer, SCA Italia
Samantha Giubertoni, Founding owner, B.officina of Carpi
Dario Fociani, Barista

Dates: 15-16-17 March 2021 (Full Digital); Organizer: Italian Exhibition Group SpA; Edition: 42nd; Frequency: annual; Info:

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