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SIGEP EXP - 16th MARCH 2021 - DAILY 1

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Loss of international tourism, smart working and restrictive measures: the revolution in cities and out-of-home consumption. An acceleration of trends already under way, such as attention to sustainability and the push towards digitalization. From here, new strategies, based on emotive communication and attention to safety in points of sale. This is the situation that emerged yesterday afternoon at Sigep Exp, the digital edition of IEG´s exhibition of artisan gelato, pastry and bakery and the coffee world, during the FIPE talk show, in live streaming from the Vision Plaza. ´The loss of foreign clientele and the closure at 6 pm penalized gelato parlours: in city centres a drop of up to 80% in sales was reported. We don´t expect V-shaped growth, but a slow return to normality with new consumers and a new market´, stressed Vincenzo Ferrieri, founder and CEO of CioccolatItaliani. Master gelato maker Andrea Fassi stated, ´We have started anew from local clients, focussing on nostalgia and emotiveness, to revive the true value of gelato, linked with emotions, but also the quality of the product and its communication, above all on the social networks. We saw that clients relax when they enter points of sale that pay attention to safety.´ Davide Di Natale, CARPIGIANI Group´s sales manager for the domestic markets, stated, ´In recent months, there have been few new openings, but there was widespread renewal of in-house machinery: this leads one to think that there is confidence on behalf of the sector. This was certainly helped by the recovery of the 5% tax credit for gelato making machinery, which was included in the Industry 4.0 law.´

Mother yeast was the protagonist in three different preparation processes at the ´Sigep Lab´, in live streaming from the aula magna of Brescia´s CAST Alimenti school, in IEG´s Sigep Exp program (accessible from the web site), in a meeting organized by Richemont Club Italia. Normal mother yeast, liquid mother yeast or mixed leavening, is the element with the highest difficulty coefficient in bread baking, but which enables to obtain high quality products. ´Baking bread is back in fashion this year, the knowledge of bread baking skills has spread as in the past, now the aim is to go ahead, like an art, also in the future. Mother yeast with liquid culture gives the bread flavour, structure and digestibility and enables it to be prepared rapidly and with great results. On the other hand, leavening using just the mother yeast results in slower rising and a product that is more advanced as far as preparation is concerned´, explains the Vice president of Richemont Club International, Fabrizio Zucchi. And while work proceeds with the dough at the CAST Alimenti workshop, with examples of the various ways of preparing bread, from Belgium Karl De Smedt speaks directly from the Mother Yeast Library, at the Center for Bread Flavour in Saint-Vith, ´A unique place at world level, in which the biodiversity of mother yeast is conserved, and has 130 different samples, and knowledge is shared on such a fundamental element for the bakery world.´

´The post-Brexit scenarios for Italian enterprises´ organized by ITA Italian Trade Agency London, the ´hot´ topic of the event held yesterday afternoon on the stage of the Vision Plaza, the think tank for dessert and coffee foodservice professionals, organized by IEG on the occasion of Sigep Exp and online until Wednesday 17th. Thanks to the professionalism and expertise of lawyer Gabriella Migliore, manageress of the Brexit Help Desk of ITA Italian Trade Agency London, lawyer Loredana Sasso and Antonella Bianchi of Italy´s Customs and Monopolies Agency, the talk show highlighted the unique event of the United Kingdom´s exit from the European Union and everything that it involved for Italian enterprises that export goods to the UK. There were talks on the agreement on exchanges and cooperation between the EU and the United Kingdom, precious information was provided on the EORI code, on the reciprocal recognition of the AEO figure, how to export with no customs duty, the REX code in customs declarations, the establishment of the concept of the origin of goods and much more, all available on the web site

Pastry chefs´ professional future depends on their ability to update, know how to learn new skills and keep abreast of the market´s continuous transformations and the knowledge of ingredients and technology. With a practical delicious example, on Tuesday morning on the IEG digital platform set up for S igep Exp, from the aula magna of CAST Alimenti, students and trade members followed the advice of Conpait President Angelo Musolino, and Conpait Maestro Antonio Chiera. ´Training is essential for youngsters´, said Musolino, ´to give them a sense of belonging, passion for the profession and - why not - prepare them for international competitions.´ This is artisan work, based on the ability to transform raw materials into end products in workshops, but nowadays it also needs in-depth technical knowledge. ´Technology helps us a lot´, confirms the Conpait President, ´but in order to make the best use of it, it is necessary to study more and more.´ Master pastry chef Chiera had the honour of transforming these guidelines into the ´Armonia´ cake with skilful balanced measurement of the ingredients and flavours, thanks to his mastery of the work tools and in-depth knowledge of the preparation and cooking of the raw materials.

´The present future´, was the challenging topic chosen by Livia Chiriotti, Managing Editor of Pasticceria Internazionale to talk with Alessandro Dalmasso, President, Club Italia Coupe du Monde de la Pâtisserie, and pastry chefs Leonardo Di Carlo, Giuseppe Amato and Giambattista Montanari, about macro and micro trends in the evolution regarding pastry making, all gathered under the banner of the key word ´culture´. The only compass for recalculating the way out of 2020. The maestros are also the authors of books and manuals, which have as their leitmotif the scientific mastery of pastry-making processes and the need for constant improvement. A case to be analyzed is the experience of pastry-making in foodservice, which is what distinguishes, for example, the dining rooms of great hotels. The first ingredient is the rigour of a true mission, in the amount of study and application on the available tools and technology, with the aim of satisfying clients in the most complete way.

Is it possible to invest in a period in which uncertainty reigns supreme in the Horeca as never before, with unexpected changes in the regulations for facing the pandemic emergency? An example is given by the ten, perhaps a dozen, openings of points of sale that master pastry chef Iginio Massari has programmed by the end of 2021. It is an inspiring case study that arrives from the Vision Plaza, the digital think tank of the Sigep Exp, prepared by Italian Exhibition Group to reflect and encourage the supply chains of the iconic expo dedicated to the out-of-home dessert and coffee world. The point is made by Francesco Briglia, editor of Italian Gourmet with Maestro Massari and Carlo Meo, managing director of M&T, consultancy company on consumption and retail design behaviour.
´At present´, reveals maestro Massari, ´the demand exceeds our production capacity, but this is certainly not the moment to withdraw. We don´t want resellers, but prefer the company to follow the products from A to Z. This recovery is due to the fact that sons have joined the company and it is therefore necessary to aim at development.´ This is the power of a brand that needs no introduction. But are there useful elements that can also be applied to the numerous companies, even small ones, that are trying to gain a foothold on the market? The reply comes from Meo, ´Each one must find its own identity, which begins with being memorable.´ Shops become workshops in which diversified solutions are experimented, one stops copying and starts cultivating one´s own bestsellers, without following the crowd and, on the contrary, personalizing packaging, choosing sales channels, paying the utmost attention to price policy and keeping a solid company balance sheet.

Dates: 15-16-17 March 2021 (Full Digital); Organizer: Italian Exhibition Group SpA; Edition: 42nd; Frequency: annual; Info:

head of corporate communication & media relation: Elisabetta Vitali; press office manager: Marco Forcellini; international press office coordinator: Silvia Giorgi

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