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The 2022 edition of Italian Exhibition Group´s Artisan Gelato, Pastry, Bakery and Coffee Show, to be held at Rimini Expo Centre from 22 to 26 January, has been presented.
Logo and mission change to enhance its role as Italian dolce ambassador.
According to NPD Group, artisan gelato and pastry consumption is experiencing a global upturn

Rimini (Italy), 15th September 2021 - Sigep is evolving. A rebranding action for Italian Exhibition Group´s exhibition that reflects the aspirations of Italian dessert-and-coffee foodservice supply chains around the world. Nowadays, product quality and new sales channels are encountering a widespread need for gratifying experiences, which Italian style dolce products intercept in the artisan gelato, pastry, chocolate, bakery and coffee event´s five sectors.

A transformation already noted last March at the fully digital edition of Sigep Exp and now tangible, as the preview of the 2022 edition of IEG´s exhibition (22-26 January, Rimini Expo Centre), at which the new logo and mission were presented, highlighted this morning.

Sigep becomes ´The Dolce World Expo´ in a world that demands more attention to taste and the Italian way of interpreting dolce. A more marked international attitude and new visual identity confirm its commitment as a business and constant professional growth platform. An evolution within a market that is showing positive signs. According to the NPD Group survey presented this morning by Foodservice Italia director Matteo Figura, two of Sigep´s five sectors, artisan gelato and pastry, increased globally in the first half of 2021.

In fact, gelato consumption trend (compared to 2019) figures were: Italy +0.4%, Germany and Spain +0.7%, UK and USA +0.2%, Canada +1.2%, Japan +0.2%. In terms of 2021 pastry consumption, again compared to 2019: Italy -0.3%, Spain -0.2%, France +1.7%, Germany +1.3%, USA +0.1%, Canada +0.6%. In the Far East, China´s consumption stood at +0.8%. Instead, coffee consumption figures, still suffering from a drop in custom from business and tourism, were: Italy -0.5%, Spain -0.4%, USA -0.5% Canada
-0.9%, while China remained the same and Japan showed a +0.4% increase.

«We never stopped believing that Sigep could offer a moment to restart and relaunch the dolce foodservice market in Italy and for Made in Italy. During these difficult months, our stakeholders and exhibitors have been exceptional motivators,» said Italian Exhibition Group President, Lorenzo Cagnoni.

«The time was ripe to update the Sigep logo with the classic features of Italian style. Sigep celebrates dolce with a deeply Italian spirit of warmth, closeness and creative flair. It unveils innovations and shares the tools to interpret market changes,» said Corrado Peraboni, CEO of Italian Exhibition Group.

«Today´s meeting is also an opportunity to look at our export numbers and evaluate the restart as a driver of the Italian economy,» said Carlo Ferro, President of ITA - Italian Trade Agency. «In the first half of the year, exports grew by 24.2% on the previous year and by 4.1% on the first half of 2019, levels already higher than before Covid. This is true for all the show´s supply chains, with January to May exports of gelato up by 33%, chocolate by 14.4%, coffee by 10.6% and pastry products by 17.6%.»

The event will take place in total safety, thanks to adopting the #SAFEBUSINESS by IEG and GBAC STAR™ protocol, the global accreditation programme for international standards of cleaning, sanitisation and prevention of infectious risks for trade show staff. Moreover, with SAFE TRAVEL, IEG will provide timely and constantly updated information on the regulations and requirements that international visitors and exhibitors must comply to in order to come to Italy.

The Sigep 2022 preview day programme continues in the afternoon with important focuses on the sectors of reference, moderated by the event´s main media partners. The Sigep 2022 preview day programme continues in the afternoon with important focuses on the sectors of reference, moderated by the event´s main media partners. At 1:30 pm the program features a talk session entitled ´The new paradigms of eating out´, organized by Editore Food, with the participation of Angelo Mazzieri (founder and owner of Pasticceria Bombè Srl), Giancarlo Perbellini (chef and entrepreneur), Rita Notari (Founder, Augusto Contract), and Marco Veroli (Marketing, Augusto Contract).At 2.30 pm there will be a talk organized by Editrade ´The evolution of artisan gelato in the post-pandemic era´, with comments from Marco Cavedagni, President of Acomag, and Fabrizio Osti, Vice President of Unione Italiana Food - Gruppo Ingredienti Gelateria. At 3.30 pm, an event organised by Chiriotti Editore ´Heart and professionalism beyond the challenge,´ with speeches by Domenico Biscardi, Teacher at the Ecole du Louvre, journalist and co-founder of Club Criollo, and Matteo Casone, Manufacture de Glace d´Alain Ducasse. At 4.30 p.m., the New Business Media - Bargiornale event, ´Coffee´s new grammar among combinations and cross-contaminations,´ with Alberto Polojac, National Coordinator for SCA Italy, and Fabio Sipione, Events Coordinator for SCA Italy. The day will close at 5.30 p.m. with the talk ´Leavened trends: the seasonal adjustment of panettone, between new proposals and new business models. The Vincenzo Tiri case´, organised by Italian Gourmet - DB Information, with Vincenzo Tiri, Master Pastry Chef, Atenaide Arpone, head of Italian Gourmet magazine, and Antonella Provetti, head of Italian Gourmet books. Video streaming of the day will be available on demand on the event website.

Date: 22-26 January 2022; Organizer: Italian Exhibition Group SpA; edition: 43rd; frequency: annual; info:

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