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Press release n. 12 of the 22/12/2021 15.10.49 ( download )

The logo and mission of the Italian Exhibition Group event, to be held at Rimini Expo Centre from 22nd to 26th January, are changing to increasingly cover the role of Italian World Ambassador of dolce foodservice. NPD Group: international recovery phase for artisan gelato and pastry consumption

Rimini, 21stDecember 2021 . In a changing world, Sigep is evolving. New logos and payoffs for Italian Exhibition Group´s show reflect the aspirations of Italian dolce foodservice supply chains around the world. Because product quality and new sales channels now intersect with a widespread need for gratifying experiences, which the Italian style of interpreting dessert intercepts in the event´s five sectors dedicated to artisan gelato, pastry, chocolate, bakery and coffee.

A transformation that was already seen during the full digital edition of Sigep Exp and made even more explicit in the payoff presented to stakeholders and the press last September. Sigep has become The Dolce World Expo in a world that is asking for more attention to taste and to the Italian way of interpreting dessert. And it does so with a more marked international attitude and a new visual identity that confirm its commitment to being a platform for business and constant professional improvement. This evolution takes place in a market scenario that, in the first half of 2021, was already showing positive signs, according to an NPD Group survey, for two of the five Sigep sectors: artisan gelato and pastry.

In the first half of 2021, the propensity to consume gelato (compared to 2019) stood at +0.4% in Italy, +0.7% in Germany and Spain, +0.2% in the United Kingdom and the United States, +1.2% in Canada and +0.2% in Japan. The propensity to consume pastry: -0.3% in Italy, -0.2% in Spain, while in Europe, in mid-2021 and compared to the same period in 2019, pastry consumption was up +1.7% in France, +1.3% in Germany, +0.1% in the United States and +0.6% in Canada. In the Far East, China achieved +0.8%. Coffee consumption, still penalised by the drop in functional visits (work and tourism) recorded -0.5% in Italy, -0.4% in Spain, -0.5% in the USA and -0.9% in Canada, while it remained constant in China and grew by +0.4% in Japan.

Date: 22-26 January 2022; Organizer: Italian Exhibition Group SpA; edition: 43rd; frequency: annual; info:

Head of media relation & corporate communication: Elisabetta Vitali; press office manager: Marco Forcellini; international press office coordinator: Silvia Giorgi;

Filippo Nani,; Enrico Bellinelli,; mob. +39 392 7480967; Giulia Lucchini,, mob. +39 348 7853679; Giulia Calesso,, mob. +39 338 6910347

Italian Exhibition Group S.p.A., a joint stock company listed on Euronext Milan, a regulated market organised and managed by Borsa Italiana S.p.A., has, with its facilities in Rimini and Vicenza, achieved national leadership over the years in the organisation of trade shows and conferences. The development of activities abroad - also through joint-ventures with global or local organisers, in the United States, United Arab Emirates, China, Mexico and India, for example . now sees the company positioned among the top European operators in the sector.

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