Italian Pasticceria - Pastry and Dessert: Intensive Course by CAST Alimenti

Oct 18, 2018
Intensive course for the preparation of some traditional Italian pastries reinterpreted according to modern trends.

Agnieszka Rojewska: here is the Woman of The International Coffee Day

Oct 1, 2018
Comunicaffè.it - International Coffee Day is an occasion that is used to promote and celebrate coffee, with events now occurring in places across the world. Women play as much of an importance as men in coffee production; from planting the seeds to processing to trading to brewing… and drinking it.

Italy's famous Gelato Festival is coming to the New York area

Jul 4, 2018
Metro - The biggest festival of Italy's iconic dessert is coming to the New York area for the first time with Gelato Festival America.

Rubens Gardelli from Italy is the 2017 World Coffee Roasting Champion

Dec 15, 2017
Comunicaffè - The 2017 World Coffee Roasting Championship, title-sponsored by Vortecs, has been an intense three days of competition at Hotelex Guangzhou, with Rubens Gardelli, representing Italy, triumphing as the 2017 World Coffee Roasting Champion.

Sprudge editor reveals the 5 best coffee shops in the world in new book

Dec 11, 2017
The editor of the site dubbed ‘voice of the coffee enthusiast’, Sprudge‘s Liz Clayton, recently revealed to GQ Magazine her ‘5 best coffee shops in the world’.