Comunicaffè.it - International Coffee Day is an occasion that is used to promote and celebrate coffee, with events now occurring in places across the world. Women play as much of an importance as men in coffee production; from planting the seeds to processing to trading to brewing… and drinking it.

This year’s theme is to highlight the need for equity and equality in the coffee sector, from bean to cup, and that can only be achieved by empowering women to the benefit of the whole coffee sector. In this magazine, we decided to embrace this message, with the interview to Agnieszka Rojewska of Poland, who won the 2018 World Barista Championship (WBC).

What does coffee mean to you? Is it more a memory, or an habit or a mean to something else?

“It is a job that make me very happy and doesn’t feel like job anymore.”

Could you describe to us what is your activity exactly?
“I’m mostly barista trainer and freelance consultant.”

When have you decided to start that profession?

“I didnt, this profession choose me. My first job was pure accident – part time job for summer break. And than new and interesting opportunietes opened for me in the industries so I took them. Never thought I would stay in coffee for that long.”

It has been only a matter of work, or has it been a life choice?
“At the beginnig just work, then I believe, with time, it became a choice.”

Did you recall a particular moment when you felt to not be able to success and why?
“I feel like that all the time. Nothing in my life is sure and constant … so im in trouble all the time.”

What would you say to that person when she was in trouble?
“Calm down, breath, fight through this. If not you – who will do that?”

And what would you say to the youngest that would like to become protagonists of this sector?
“Be patient, always ask questions – there is no one truth, never stop learning.”

Do you think that, inside of this professional sector, it has been more diffucult to have success for a woman?

A lot depends on a woman, there are many succesfull ones in the industry.

How have you seen your profession evolving along the time?
“definetly very fast.”

How do you celebrate the International Coffee day?

“With a great coffee and among coffee friends somewhere in the world.”

What is your “girl touch” that you add to your particular job?
“I never thought about that … I dont think I add an extra.”

You are the first woman that won in 18 years the WBC: why do you think it took so long? Are there any specific reasons for that?
“I believe we just need a little bit more luck, there where amazing women in finals of WBC, but sometimes it is just luck missing.”