Intensive course for the preparation of some traditional Italian pastries reinterpreted according to modern trends.

Program Overview

Italian artisan pastry is known worldwide for its raw ingredients strongly related to the culture of the territories from which they were born. This results in a confectionery known worldwide for exceptional selection of forms and tastes. Under the guidance of Master Pastry Chefs among the best in Italy, attendees will learn how to prepare some of the best and most famous desserts of the Italian pastry tradition; from the simplest to the most complex, the key to success is in the method and use of products and equipment of excellence. This is a unique program that concentrates on both traditional and innovative flavour combinations, and culminates into an impressive display of artistry.

Course Content

  • Base Preparations for Classic Desserts;
  • The basics and techniques necessary to create beautiful desserts and importantly also to begin to design your pastry shop or restaurant menu for maximum profit;
  • Technical overview of raw ingredients and techniques;
  • Base Preparations for Patisserie;
  • Base Creams and fillings;
  • The technique and flavour profiling of making unique tortes;
  • Traditional and Modern Desserts;
  • All cakes will be proposed by comparing the traditional version of the recipe with the creative reinterpretation of the Chef, to make the cake or dessert even tastier and nicer aesthetically.

Course focus

  • Tradition and innovation in Italian pastry
  • Distinctive preparation techniques
  • Decoration and aesthetic presentation

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