The editor of the site dubbed ‘voice of the coffee enthusiast’, Sprudge‘s Liz Clayton, recently revealed to GQ Magazine her ‘5 best coffee shops in the world’.

As you’d expect there are some inclusions that will mean nothing to the uninitiated into the hardcore world of coffee, but it does provide a list that could prove popular to the world traveller seeking a perfect cup of coffee in a few key locations around the globe.

Unfortunately, not a single shop is based in the UK, so it looks like you’ll need your passport if you want to try these coffee shops classic drinks.

Whilst this ‘top 5’ list has been created in no particular order of preference, we like to think that Liz gave a large swathe of the world’s coffee shops a chance to impress before coming up with this very refined list.

Or simply just picked five that she’d been to recently…either way they look nice! >>read more