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SIGEP is the International Trade Show of Artisan Gelato, Pastry, Bakery and the Coffee World, now at its 41st edition. An exclusive showcase anticipating all of the latest trends and innovations for the operators of the five supply chains on show.

An exhibiting area of 129,000 sqm showcasing the very best of the global scene of raw materials, ingredients, technology and equipment, furnishings and services.

A show that enhances and rewards global excellence, presents new formats, supports global networking and promotes the growth of companies and professional operators.

  • AN UNDISPUTED TREND ANTICIPATOR for business formats, events and competition formats under the banner of world excellence.

  • A CAN’T-MISS APPOINTMENT presenting new products and technological breakthroughs.

  • THE PLACE TO BE FOR ALL PLAYERS IN THE SUPPLY CHAIN, from traders to distributors, to manufacturers, trade associations and media.

  • THE PERFECT HUB for attracting major investors from other sectors.

  • THE FAVOURED MEDIUM FOR BUSINESSES to communicate with and within their markets of interest.

Sigep's mark of distinction is its packed schedule of events, an integral part of the trade fair as a whole, which is divided into:

  • Sigep International Business, centred on international business events;
  • Sigep Next, events focused on innovation enhancement;
  • Sigep Academy, featuring events and activities focussing on professional training;
  • Sigep Associations, a series of networking meetings designed for artisans and industry associations;
  • Sigep Corporate Social Responsibility, events related to corporate social responsibility;
  • Sigep Awards, presenting an exciting program of national and international competitions.


 Attendance  + 200,000
 Exhibitors  1,250
 Supply chains  5
 Exhibition Area  129,000
 Numbers of halls  28