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I come from India and Sigep gives me the opportunity to introduce new technologies in India for the coffee industry. Italy is the birthplace of coffee, and the new technologies out here, they are best and good for India to introduce the Indian client to the authentic espresso, Italian espresso."
Monish Munshaw - Buyer India

"I am from Brazil, where I come to make, to bring, to search for trends and novelties for the Brazilian gastronomic market."
Siqueira Antonio Xavier - Buyer Brazil

I'm from Canada, Western Canada - Calgary to be exact - and Sigep, for me, the importance of it is being able to view all types of equipment and machinery and new solutions and business that you otherwise wouldn't be able to see all in one place.
Reza Sharifat - Buyer Canada

Sigep is great because I've never seen so many vendors and exhibitors across the board of pastry and desserts, confectionery and equipment, gelato all under one roof, in Italy of course, of all places, so it's been great.
Solomon Choi - Buyer USA

I find the trade fair impressive for the quality and growth evident in the coffee and cacao industry, machinery and high-tech equipment.
Geni Fundes Buleje - Buyer Peru

For me Sigep is the moment I can actually look at a lot of things in my hands, as compared to looking at things online, so I get to find all the things I've been looking for and talk to the people that either represent them or make them.
Katherine Clapner - Buyer USA

The interesting thing in Sigep for me and the thing that I came for is seeing production lines of biscuit, cake, different depositors and raw materials.
Mohamad Ghalandarlaki - Buyer Iran


The value for Sigep in our business is allowing us to expand into bigger businesses, bigger baking businesses and letting us grow.
Ryan Mc Phail - Buyer USA