The previews of the full digital 2021 edition, directly from the voices of the participating companies and associations.

"See you at Sigep" used to be, and we want it to continue to be, the way to close a meeting before offering our best wishes for the Christmas season. With this thought in mind, we will log in to Sigep Exp to meet our customers virtually and head with them towards 2022, when we will see them in the pavilions of the Rimini Expo Centre.


Enrico Amesso - Sales, After Sales & Marketing Director of Carpigiani

After such a difficult year in which we all became more creative and stronger, it was right to make our small contribution and support the most important show in the world for Italian artisan gelato. A different way of attending, which will undoubtedly teach us new ways of experiencing relationships and the business, but we are always ready to return in person as soon as possible!


Gianni Babbi, Marketing Director of Babbi

For us companies, it is important even in such an exceptional year, to maintain relations with the markets, particularly the international ones. Sigep Exp gives us the opportunity by creating a virtual marketplace, which we hope at least in part can recreate the excitement of being at one of the leading shows in our sector.


Carlotta Fabbri, Corporate Supervisor B.U. Gelato & Pastry of Fabbri 1905

Today, the digital experience is a fundamental part of continuing to support the thousands of shopkeepers hit by the pandemic. In this sense, Sigep represents a pioneering event, an opportunity that IFI is very interested to make use of.


Simone Andreani, Network & Business Development Manager of IFI

At a time when we don't have an opportunity to meet in person, we're attending Sigep Exp to stay in touch with our customers and meet new ones from all over the world.


Giampiero Mariottini, Marketing and Communication Manager of ISA

Sigep is the most important meeting place for the gelato and bakery world. This year, the pandemic prevented the show from being held in its physical form, but we need to keep the connection between gelaterias and companies alive, which is why Acomag is really encouraging its members to attend. We believe organising a virtual event at this level can also help increase companies' social and web communication.


Marco Cavedagni, Chairman of ACOMAG - Associazione Nazionale Macchine Arredamento Attrezzature per Gelato

The producers of ingredients for gelato believe it is important to attend SIGEP EXP 2021 in order to continue the work that has been done in the last few years and consolidate the brand and the show. As an ambassador for Italian artisan gelato worldwide, SIGEP is an asset that must be protected and enhanced.


Roberto Leardini, Chairman of UIF

Being at Sigep means believing in this great international show, even at such a complicated time. Backed by our partnership with IEG, AIBI plans to support the project, by inviting all our members to attend. We believe the innovative digital format for 2021 confirms the importance of the event and of trade shows in general: despite the pandemic, companies will be able to meet buyers, get to know new products and get updated on market trends, thereby opening up new opportunities for growth, in Italy and abroad.


Giovanni Bizzarri, Chairman of AIBI - Associazione Italiana Bakery Ingredients