Diets begin when shopping at your local bakery.´ Antonio Pacella, specialist in Food Science, brings back as the protagonist at the Bakery Arena of Sigep - The Dolce World Expo ´Bread as a synonym of salute´, at a meeting organized by Richemont Club Italia.

At the core of his speech, dedicated to health and the importance of carbohydrates, the issue of how the market and consumers have been too concentrated on the single nutrients, when on the other hand it is necessary to return to talking about the food that contains the nutrients. This begins to create misinformation and uncertainties and, often, choices that are not always correct from a nutritional point of view, at the expense of the food par excellence: bread.

Pacella explains, ´In Italy over 8 million people currently believe they suffer from celiac disease, but in fact only 350,000 are reported by competent doctors. An out and out ´carbo-phobia», which has led to the daily consumption of bread plummeting to just 75/89 grams, compared to almost 500 grams in the 1950s, as Pacella stressed during the second day of the Italian Exhibition Group expo. The point is that there is no real awareness when choosing food. Pacella concluded, ´We can rediscover pleasure and flavour from bakers, who can guide us in the best possible manner in our choice of the correct bread . or breads.