A unique and innovative education & competition project to promote the culture of coffee, from harvesting in plantations in the countries of origin, through all stages of its processing, using various technologies, right up to the tasting experience and all consumption opportunities. For ten days, ten coffee world enthusiasts can experience the thrill of living like a picker, a farmer, working on a coffee plantation. They will wake up at dawn to spend the morning in the plantation, picking coffee beans, and in the afternoon will attend the Barista & Farmer Academy, a very special multi-disciplinary school, with leading professionals as teachers. The protagonists will have the chance to receive comprehensive training, provided by the best industry experts, on the various aspects of the complex coffee chain, thanks to the Academy’s packed teaching program, which includes SCAE teaching modules. Competitions and special events will enliven the days, with coffee as protagonist and unusual combinations of sweet, savoury food and other drinks to provide new taste and habit opportunities.

After Puerto Rico in 2013, Honduras in 2015 and Brazil in 2016, B&F has chosen Colombia for the 2018 edition from among the many nominations from the countries of origin, Colombia confirms itself as the third world coffee exporter after Brazil and Vietnam and has always played a crucial role within the world production scenario, both in terms of the excellent quality of its raw material and for the small communities of producers who cultivate it with great dedication and passion, often still using traditional and top-quality methods.
The 10 B&F competitors will arrive in Bogotà, from where they will fly to Pitalito: it will be here, in the Barista House of the SENA Parque, that the participants will stay for the entire duration of the program.

Finca La Cabaña in San Augustin, Finca el Paraiso in Vereda Cristo Rey, Finca Bellavista, Finca Santana el Bolson and Finca el Mirador: it is here, on plantations in southern Colombia, that from 1 to 10 June, the fourth edition of Barista & Farmer will be staged, the only international talent event dedicated to the promotion and culture of top-quality coffee.
Ten of the world’s best baristas will fly to Colombia, to the coffee plantations of the departments of Meta and Huila, to enjoy an experience as real "farmers".

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