Colombia 2018

Pitalito, Friday the 1st of June, 10 top baristas, the participants of the 4th edition of Barista & Farmer, the only international talent show dedicated to the promotion and culture of quality coffee, has arrived in Pitalito, Colombia, in the Huila district, the liveliest and floridest of them all. Until the 10th of June, the contenders will live just like farmers in the colombian coffee plantations, commiting themselves in challenges, exclusive classes at the coffee Special Academy regarding the innovations of a Farm 2.0 and a total immersion in the local culture. 

After the arrival of the participants, the talent show has officially begun: in the Barista House in the SENA Parque the opening ceremony, attended by the local authorities, took place.
Immediatly after that, the first competitions started in Finca la Cabaña, followed by the first classes at the Barista Academy. This, was held by Vivian Vasquez along with the agronomist and two farmers from Meta, with a focus on sustainability and the Lavazza Tierra project. The baristas discovered the point of view of the origin countries through the stories of these local experts.