Colombia 2018

On saturday, june the 2nd, the ten participants moved to finca Bellavista to take part in a picking competion, the collectinf of the coffee cherries, which was followed by a second practical test at the depulping machine, a tool used to separate the bean from the rest of the fruit. The uniqueness of this day was given by the collaboration with Asociacion de Mujeres Cafeteras del Occidente del Huila, which produce Las Rosas coffee, an all female cooperative, composed of 287 women, which was born in january 2008, following a governnmental law aimed at encouraging gender equality.


The picking competition ended in a draw, with an ex aequo between brazilian contender Daniel Munari and colombian Diego Campos, who triumphed also in the depulping machine challenge. The judges, in this case, valued not only the quantity of coffee picked but also the quality, coherently with the specialty coffee culture. At the end of the competitions, the baristas had lunch in the finca, hosted by its owner Javier Sanjuan. For the occasion, the were joined also by the mayor of the city of Pitalito, Miguel Antonio Rico Rincon and by some local televisions. 

The afternoon continued with classes at the Barista & Farmer academy: the first on tasting, following the cup method, with Scott Conary, one of the judges of the show, which was followed by a class on the different cleaning techniques for coffee machines in collaboration with Urnex, which is partner of the talent. The long day ended with a painting lesson, runned by COARPI, Cooperativa de Artesanos de Pitalito, over some bus mock-ups created in terracotta, with the idea of paying tribute to the Chiva, the typical, multi.colored local transport.

Finally, following the show's tradition, the ten contestants have been split in two different teams: the first one, team Yukka Yukka, is lead by italian coffee lover Nino Conti and is composed by local barista Diego Campos, russian Victoria Rovenskaya, icelander Vala Stefandottir, brazilian Daniel Munari and croatian  Matija Matijaško. The opposite team, named Six Monkeys, captained by 2011 WBC world champion Alejandro Mendez, from El Salvador, is composed by japanese Rie Hasuda Moore, ukranian Iuliia Dziadevych, italian Sara Ricci, australian Glenn Bailey and chinese David Lau – Cong Yuan.