Colombia 2018

Sunday june the 3rd, after a class at the academy with veteran australian Ben Toovey of Genovese Coffee Roaster, the baristas visited San Agustin archeological park, the biggest complex of megalithic sculptures of all Latin America, and later went horseriding along the Magdalena river, the main waterflow of the country which has its source right in the Huila district.

"The new edition of the show started with the right foot – valued talent's creator Francesco Sanapo – this is a project that keep increasing esponentially, that involves and evergrowing number of people in it and that puts on display the efforts made by IEG, Italian Exhibition Group in the managing of locations and relationships with the local institutions which here I want to thank, like SENA, the Gobernacion del Huila, la Federacion Nacional de Cafeteros de Colombia, Cadefihuila, Cococentral. The skill level of the baristas is very high, but what really impressed me was the way they managed to immediatly become a group."