Colombia 2018

It's time to pack for the ten international contestants: the practical challenges and the classes at the prestigious Academy directed by Alberto Polojac are now over. With the experience in Pitalito, in the Huila district – the biggest coffee producing district of all 32 in Colombia – behind their back, the baristas are headed to Bogotà, the capital city, where their adventure will continue.

During the sixth day of the talent, the baristas received a visit by Michele Cannone, Head of Food Service Marketing of Lavazza, who joined the contestants in finca Mirador to deliver a special price to the best picker of the day. It was won by local talent Diego Campos, who was able to pick more than 14 kilos of coffee cherries.

The activities continued in the afternoon, with the baristas who reached the Pitalito central market to buy the ingredients for a real “classic” of Barista & Farmer: the cooking competition. The best team was Six Monkeys, lead by 2011 WBC world champion Alejandro Mendez, who presented a trout over a chorupa sauce (obtained with turmeric) bed, accompanied by some local vegetables whose colours recalled those of the colombian flag.

The day ended with a night trip, again to the village of Pitalito, to try the colombian national sport, the Tejo, an activity thet requires coordination and skills: a little exploding target must be hit, from a distance, with a dedicated rock, which is round and smooth.