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SIGEP has long been inspiring the Foodservice Community as the most dynamic event for the industry, appealing to international professionals from the worlds of Gelato, Pastry&Choco, Coffee, Bakery and Pizza. The exhibition’s vibrant venue in Rimini is a stage where exhibitors showcase the future of their sector, providing visitors with the most exclusive insights into tomorrow’s shifting trends and unexplored tastes.

Covering all aspects, from Products, Ingredients and Services to Equipment, Furnishings, Packaging Solutions and Technologies, SIGEP is a hub where networking opens doors to the most coveted opportunities in the business. Every touchpoint, both for visitors and exhibitors is a chance to learn, evolve, grow your business and move up to the next level.

SIGEP is where the latest developments in the out-of-home industry are right there, before your eyes. It is no less than a front-row place on the market, from where you can observe and experience the innovations that are ready to set the pace for tomorrow’s world.

5 interconnected Business Communities


Expo Layout

138,000 sqm
of exhibiting area



Gelato at its finest

SIGEP is home to Gelato, internationally recognised as the hub of innovation, gathering the world’s most inspired professionals to present crafted creations, new flavours and the latest technologies used to produce Gelato, the Italian ice cream.

Motivating and exciting, the event places innovation at the centre of everyone’s attention, attracting connoisseurs from around the world, eager to get up to date with the latest trends, on the lookout for unprecedented tastes and novel ingredients.

SIGEP showcases the widest variety of Gelato for the world’s foodservice industry, a place to meet, share and discover tomorrow’s opportunities, and take the market to its next evolution.


The true taste of creativity

SIGEP is a privileged venue for the professionals from the world of pastry and chocolate, a place where every aspect plays a role in creating the final product. From the most extraordinary artisanal creations to the quality and variety of industrial solutions such as ready-made desserts, SIGEP dedicates the appropriate space.

Participants will be able to discover the best selection of raw materials, investigate new supply chains and explore ground-breaking technologies. Each of these combines to drive evolution within this exuberant sector, giving rise to new concepts, new experiences and innovative techniques.

SIGEP is also where Pastry&Choco professionals meet to share their expertise and unveil their unanticipated creations.


Every blend of flavour and technology

SIGEP is where every angle of the coffee universe comes under the spotlight, enabling professionals from the foodservice sector to navigate all aspects of the industry, from plantations and green beans to roasting, blending and tasting. Social and environmental sustainability also play an important role, alongside the rich variety of coffees. And not just the best ingredients, but also a broad selection of premium technologies for the coffee industry are a key focus of the event.

Sparking interaction with each of the other communities, exhibitors coming from geographical areas around the world will showcase speciality coffees, a full array of the latest technologies and the most recent aromas on the scene.

SIGEP is also a chance to discover new products, automatic processing equipment and packaging solutions designed to complete the extraordinary variety of this unique drink.

• Sustainability Area & Talks
• Micro-Roasters Village
• Fully-Automated Machinery District


The wonderful world of bakery

SIGEP explores the recent trends, the most exciting ingredients and leading technological innovations that are shaping the art of bakery. Professionals from around the globe participate to try out ingredients such as flours and yeasts, investigating all the latest baking techniques and technologies.

Covering the entire supply chain, visitors will be able to learn about what’s new in the production process, discover innovative concepts for venues and marketing concepts, and engage in networking initiatives to expand their opportunities.

SIGEP takes you from raw materials to the latest savoury delight, as well as the best tools and equipment for your business.


The perfect place for pizza in every way

SIGEP takes a deep dive into the world of pizza, in all its essential and most extravagant varieties. From the classical Italian pizza with its regional interpretations to the exotic combinations and the innovative gourmet pizzas. Moreover, all the key technologies are presented to complete the panorama of what’s vital to make the best pizza.

Pizza professionals attending the event will witness the astonishing variety of flours and baking techniques, also getting a chance to examine the opportunities of frozen ingredients and ready-to-use toppings. Equipment, ovens and furniture solutions complete the area devoted to pizzas.

SIGEP opens the door to a growing market sector, where a pizza brings everyone together, from every land in every language.

Would you like to exhibit at the next edition of SIGEP, scheduled for January 18-22, 2025 at the Rimini Expo Centre (Italy)?




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