Supply chain

At SIGEP you will explore the entire supply chain of artisan baking!

The world excellence of raw ingredients and semi-finished products combined with the innovation of the most advanced technologies and latest trends of the Italian-style in retail formats.The event, which is increasingly more opulent and comprehensive, hosts highly prestigious Italian and international brands and presents what is a truly unique range of products in terms of internationality, variety and technology at both artisan and industrial level.

The entire bakery supply chain, centred on bakery, confectio-nery and pizza, will be taking part with ingredients, semi-finished products and a complete range of technologies, from machinery to systems and equipment, besides services and furnishings - a truly exclusive assortment, outlining new trends and exalting innovation.

All the business trends in the baking industry, with lots of in-novative technologies, production and consumer trends, new premises formats and marketing concepts.

AWARDS 2020 BAKERY ARENA ⇒ Bread in the city International Bakery Cup


Exhibition sectors:


• Machinery and systems
• Raw materials and ingredients
• Furniture and equipment
• Window displays and Confection
• Accessories for product presentation
• Packaging
• Franchisors
• Professional training
• Services