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Supply chain

This section portrays the entire coffee supply chain through a major exhibition and a series of international initiatives and competitions.

Sigep feature an articulate exhibition covering the entire supply chain of coffee, from the original plantations in different countries of the world, all through the many techniques and methods for coffee extraction, up to tasting.

With all the products and technologies revolving around the world of Espresso. With this extraordinary showcase featuring the most prestigious brands of Made in Italy, the show completes the range offered on display for bars + pastry parlours, bars + gelato parlours, cafes, and coffee&bakeries, and enhances the many interconnections among product groups.

Sigep is the ideal context for all the finals of the WCE (World Coffee Event). International circuit competitions promoted by the International Speciality Coffee association.

In Rimini, dozens of baristas selected from all over the country will compete for the title of champion in the Campionato Italiano Baristi (CIBC) (Italian Barista Championship), Campionato Italiano Latte Art (CILA) (Italian Latte Art Championship), Campionato Italiano Coffee in Good Spirits (CICS) (Italian Coffee in Good Spirits Championship), Campionato Italiano Brewers Cup (Italian Brewers Cup Championship), Campionato Italiano Roasting (Italian Roasting Championship), Campionato Italiano Cup Tasting (Italian Cup Tasting Championship) and Campionato Ibrik (Ibrik Championship).

Another not-to-be-missed experience is the Brew Bar & Espresso Bar and the various events and initiatives organized with prestigious companies.

Exceptional presentation of the Barista& Farmer international event, a special training and competition initiative implemented in the countries of origin.