´Different Visions, big ideas´, those of the master gelato and chocolate makers who took turns on the stage of the Pastry Arena in the format organised by the great Master, Iginio Massari, President of APEI, Pastry Association of Italian Excellence, which presented several special awards at Sigep.

Agrimontana and Molino Dallagiovanna were recognised as the best raw materials. Polin and Roboqbo were awarded for best technology. CierreEsse received APEI recognition at Sigep, while Davide Malizia was awarded the prize for the best innovative Christmas chocolate and the best chocolate panettone decorated with a Christmas theme. Davide Morrone was awarded for the best panettone with gelato, while Giuseppe Piffaretti won the prize for the best chocolate panettone.

Lastly, the ´Pastry Chef of the Year APEI´ award went to brothers Andrea and Nicola Pansa from Amalfi. «The trend in pastry, which is then given by the final result and the public´s recognition, is to move increasingly towards lightness,» explained Maestro Massari. «As far as raw materials are concerned, the use of pistachios came out on top, especially those from Bronte, which are a truly extraordinary Italian flag-bearer. For the future, I hope that the best Italian artisans in our sector can be publicly recognised for their quality by the Ministry of Agriculture.»