One of the most eagerly awaited guests at Sigep 2023 received a warm welcome from the public.

This morning, Carlo Cracco was the leading attraction at one of the meetings on the Vision Plaza calendar entitled ´The international trends of haute patisserie in the restaurant and hotel industry´. ´Pastry has always played an important role in a restaurant´s offer. It is the last course, it leaves the most recent memory and, even if we make a mistake at the beginning, a quality dessert will overshadow it. Of course, we have less room for creativity in a restaurant, the dessert must be consistent with the restaurant´s offer on the menu. It´s another thing in the pastry shop where there is more room for creativity and, in recent years, enormous progress has been made. We have gone from an almost family dimension to expressing extraordinary and increasingly young, Masters, both in Italy and around the world. I like SIGEP because it creates an opportunity for schools and cultures to meet, exchange knowledge and therefore, generate progress. It´s a celebration and that´s what a good trade show should be. Getting together after a complicated couple of years and being able to see each other is something invaluable. Those who, like us, fortunately do not use smart working, have the good fortune of a fundamental value, that of being together, in a team, in the kitchen. This generates further enrichment.´

Stimulated by the statements that Minister Lollobrigida made yesterday during his video link with Sigep on the need to protect and enhance Made in Italy gastronomy, Cracco was clear: ´I agree. It´s time to put clear rules that can be observed immediately down on paper. But when? Now, within this year, otherwise it will be irretrievably too late.´ Joining Cracco was Loretta Flanella, internationally renowned pastry chef: ´We must aim for quality and then know how to recognise and enhance it,´ she stressed. ´Less quantity and more attention to what we produce. Only in this way will we come out on top.´