The new trends in the world of ice cream and the future of the sector are protagonists in the Sigep Gelato Arena.

With Martino Liuzzi, nutritionist researcher as well as food and ice cream expert, yesterday afternoon we talked about a ´green´ experience linked to ice cream. Liuzzi, who together with the Accademia Italiana Gelatieri Artigiani experiments with ever new solutions, illustrated the research conducted on the use of alternative sugars as opposed to the commonly used cereal dextrose and fructose. The use of grape sugar has allowed a real revolution in the balance of traditional artisanal ice cream, making it healthier thanks to a significant reduction in fats and sugars, but it has also made it more ´green´. Thanks to its greater ability to bind water, in fact, grape sugar allows an advance of the production process, with consequent energy and time savings.