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  • SIGEP is the only trade show in the world completely representing the artisan gelato supply chain: from concepts for locations to services and the core business of technologies and ingredients. SIGEP is the global business platform where professionals and operators from five continents come together to enjoy a unique and inspiring sensory experience featuring the leading international brands in the sweet food business. It is the unmissable event for the presentation of new products and technological innovations. SIGEP is the undisputed leader in launching new trends, shop formats, events and competitions underscored by global excellence. The expo is the preferred meeting place for all actors in the supply chain: sellers, distributors, producers, trade and media associations.

  • SIGEP – A.B.TECH EXPO is home to the greatest concentration of dedicated pastry companies in the world. All the most important companies in the sector are there, from ingredients to technologies, to new location formats, packaging and decoration right up to services. To appreciate what the professional pastry market represents, a visit to SIGEP – A.B.TECH EXPO is a must, a unique experience for understanding market trends, discovering innovation, seizing all opportunities for developing business, with the possibility of meeting the key players of reference for the artisan confectionery market. Competitions and highly prestigious, international workshops enhance the exhibition offering.

  • The best and latest in bakery technology in synergy with the No.1 trade show in the sweetness business. A section dedicated to Bakery was a must for A.BTECH EXPO - SIGEP, as the reference offering for baking addressed to bakers, confectioners, pizzerias and top-level food service. The increasingly opulent and comprehensive event hosts prestigious Italian and international brands and presents a uniquely global and varied range of artisan and industrial technology. The entire supply chain for what Italy knows as "the white art" is attending A.B. TECH EXPO - SIGEP: represented are raw materials, semi-finished products, all technology with a wide variety of machines, systems and equipment, right up to services and concepts for locations, for an exclusive offering that anticipates market trends and showcases innovation.



    SIGEP – A.B.TECH EXPO is the only world-class industry expo showcasing excellence throughout the Artisan Chocolate supply chain. The section dedicated to chocolate brings together the best Italian and foreign manufacturers of chocolate and chocolate production machinery, equipment and accessories, together with events, competitions and demos dedicated to the precious “food of the gods”. In a single trade-fair, delegates can meet the most prestigious companies of the entire chocolate supply chain and enjoy the great traditions of Artisan Gelato, Pastry, Bakery and Coffee. Top gelato and pastry competitions feature numerous challenges involving master chocolatiers.

  • The section dedicated to coffee sees the extraordinary participation of the most important roasting and coffee machine businesses on the international market, with the espresso of Italian tradition at the centre. SIGEP includes a multi-faceted exposition covering the entire coffee supply chain, from plantations around the world to a wide range of processing techniques and on to tasting. All the producers and technologies revolving around the world of Espresso. At SIGEP – A.B.TECH EXPO will be all the ingredients, technologies and equipment that make the most of the various ways of extracting and consuming coffee. The section of the trade show is enhanced by the 7 different competitions valid for the prestigious international World Coffee Events circuit dedicated to coffee.



    SIGEP is the undisputed leader in launching gelato parlour, pastry shop, coffee shop and bakers' trends, in terms of interior design and formats. From concepts for locations to furnishings, it's the unmissable date with Italian style when it comes to design, styling, colour and technological innovation.

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