10th edition

In a revamped format, teams from all over the world will compete to decide the 2024 Gelato World Champion team.

SIGEP 2024 sees the return of the world's most important international team competition in the sector. The event is held every two years, and brings together gelato, pastry, chocolate and ice sculpture professionals from all over the world, offering them a unique opportunity for professional debate and stimulation.

The event will be held from Saturday 20th to Monday 22nd January in the Gelato Arena (Pav. A5).


1. Decorated tub

2. Single portion in glass

3. Gelato cake

4. Mystery box with cream

5. Mystery box with fruit

6. Entrée with gelato gourmet

7. Chocolate gelato snacks

8. Artistic pieces:

  • Ice sculpture
  • Chocolate sculpture
  • Crunch sculputure

9. Final Gran Buffet


File:Bandiera italiana foto.svg - Wikipedia  ITALY
Bandiera dell'Ungheria - Wikipedia  HUNGARY
Bandiera della Corea del Sud - Wikipedia  KOREA
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Bandiera Taiwan  TAIWAN
Bandiera di Singapore - Wikipedia  SINGAPORE
Bandiera Argentina in vendita | Bandiere.it  ARGENTINA
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