In light of the current situation, how have consumer habits changed? What is the global outlook for the Out-Of-Home market? Which trends will dominate the dessert and coffee food service market worldwide?

In such a complex environment subject to accelerated and uneven development, Sigep is cementing its position as a showcase for macro-trends in the sector through the VISION PLAZA.

Within a space set up in the prestigious central hall, renowned industry experts and opinion leaders present their visions of the future for the dessert and coffee business.

A packed programme of talks, workshops and training meetings that sum up the global outlook for the Out-Of-Home sector. 

A unique opportunity to discover new business models, revolutionary formats, and get inspired by successful case studies.

Innovation & Trends
Sigep brings together market experts to highlight the challenges faced by the dessert-and-coffee foodservice industry, and identify future growth and development opportunities.
It will provide an overview of the main global trends in food and consumer behaviour in the Out-of-Home market, with a focus on developments common to different countries.

Market Focus
With the future looking increasingly complex and undergoing rapid and erratic change, SIGEP also presents focus sessions dedicated to the main trends in the individual segments of the dessert-and-coffee foodservice market: Gelato, Pastry, Chocolate, Coffee and Bakery.

Digital technologies are inevitably a business driver for all dessert-and-coffee foodservice companies. The main themes: communication on social media, designing the food experience and brand identity in the digital world, the importance of marketing automation in the digital strategy and all the opportunities relating to food delivery.

Consumers’ increasingly eco-friendly choices will set the agenda for the strategic decisions of companies operating in the Out-of-Home sector. An analysis of all aspects of sustainability relating to the agri-food chain, with a focus on Sigep sectors.

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