Marcela Vivas  - NKG Bero

NKG Bero

Regional Sustainability Manager LatAm for the NKG, working in the coffee sector since 2013. With firsthand experience operating in the framework of Sustainability Project Cycle Management, from the inception to the closure of initiatives for coffee growers to improve their living conditions and the on-farm practices with innovation, including landscape management, water protection, gender equality promotion, and educational opportunities for children of coffee growing communities.  

Before joining NKG in 2020, Marcela worked for the FNC in the international cooperation department, first in Bogota and after in Amsterdam, engaging key European private and public partners in investment initiatives targeting Colombian coffee growers and European consumers to promote a more sustainable coffee chain.

Marcela comes from a family of coffee growers in Colombia and is deeply convinced that the joint effort of multiple stakeholders is the clue to the improve the living conditions of coffee growers.  

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