"Covid has been a common thread that had to bring many changes but that actually in my opinion has not changed anything, fortunately. Gelato consumption is growing, people love it more and more: in Italy it is a product that is part of our diet and abroad ice cream consumption is growing a lot. It hasn’t changed a lot because the most loved flavors are the same, the classics, then there are companies that offer new flavors that help consumption, but gelato is always trendy."

Giuseppe Bravo
CEO at Bravo

"This SIGEP confirms us in the goodness of our strategies, so we will go in continuity with the strategies we are implementing. The most beautiful moment was to have seen so many happy children in our stand playing with our gadgets and getting photos with our giant dinosaur. In the end, our mission is to make people happy and bring some sweetness into our lives." 

Matteo Sala
Group Chief Marketing Officer at Optima

"It was a great honor and fun for me to be here at SIGEP, I was able to discuss with so many people about the basic research projects of the university where I teach, I really enjoyed that we have food as our common goal, from the point of view of high quality, safety for humans and the environment, and for food as an added value."​

Manuela Rodriguez
Professor of pharmaceutical chemistry at the University of Naples Federico II

"In this last year and increasingly we see that consumers are very careful to find in gelato and pastry a focus on eating habits that concern intolerances, types of diets or particular dietary regimes. As a result, we are adapting to accommodate the consumer more and more." 

Fabio Feduzi
Export manager EMEA at Carpigiani Group

"It was certainly a very interesting and profitable edition, we have gathered many contacts and a lot of interest, even of quality. It is always very stimulating to see many professionals all together, because it creates that atmosphere of community that gives extra boost to our work. It is that passion that in fact here you can breathe vibrant in every moment and every day of SIGEP, which being in January gives us the charge to kick off the year in a very productive way."

Mario Moretti
Chief Executive Officer at Moretti Forni S.p.A




International buyers

"We think that it is very important to come to SIGEP and see innovation, to always to be one step beyond, to know the trends of the market and always be in a continuous getting better techniques of machinery, of raw materials, flavours. We are always looking for new machinery and new ways of innovation in the quality of product, look of product and of course in the flavour of the product."

Jack Volin
General Director of Aldo's Gelato, Messico

“Our main interest is the B2B market because in Peru that market is a little bit small. It is really interesting to see alternatives of products to offer to other business owners, such as pastry or bakery, premade things for catering, so there are a lot of options at SIGEP that do not exist right now in Peru that we can be the first to have.” 

 Isidora Vallejo
Representative of Superfood Holding, Peru

“What pushed me to come back to SIGEP is that when we come here, we're exposed to a much higher quality industrialized line of products that we can use in our production system throughout the US. We also find there's much more innovation here in Italy compared to the US at the mass production level. And finally, equipment: the freezers, the refrigerators, the display cabinets, that does not even exist in the United States.” 

Ben Van Leeuwen
CEO and Co-Founder of Van Leeuwen Ice Cream, New York City

“We're looking for more innovation, especially in the pizza and the gelato sectors. It's really hard to find so many different flavours, or all the different machines anywhere around Asia. It's been 3 years that I kept researching for SIGEP because I actually wanted to come and see how complete it was. Now I'm really excited that we're finally here this time. Italian food is definitely booming in our country.”

Andry Susanto
Owner of Oma Elly, specialized in Italian Cuisine, Indonesia

"People who come to our restaurants have changed throughout time: they are not looking only for traditional food anymore, but they are becoming more innovative and here at SIGEP you can find a lot of elements that can work for the business models of our restaurants. We are here to  bring a lot of new ideas to our research & development team."

David Farré
Supply chain specialist at Amrest, Spain

“One of the most important things attracting my attention here at SIGEP is the variety of exhibitors and the variety of products and services they offer which actually matches our needs as we are a big company in food industry.”

Jilan Al Shaar
Financial Manager of Jasmine Oriental for food and business, Oman

"We want to improve the quality of our products, purchasing more of the Italian ones, seeing more trends of the market and being aware of new kind of products. People are choosing healthy, organic and biological food more and more, and we are trying to meet their needs now.”

Markus Dickmeis
Purchasing Manager at Portobay Hotel and Resorts Group, Portugal

"At SIGEP I am looking for two different things: one is ideas for new developments, the second one is new raw materials to make something different, something WOW. They are still a niche, but vegan and healthy products are growing trends. People in Spain are looking for something new, like the combination of different textures or more exotic flavours."

Pablo Gómez Rodríguez
R&D at GrupoAlacant, Spain

"I’m here at SIGEP to learn about unique flavors, unique packaging, see a more global approach to business. I think that in the United States we are a bit behind Europe in many ways: we are trying to make packaging made of less plastic, more edible, more colourful, but also more real and natural flavors, as opposed to everything that is artificial. This is really important for our company. Everything here is so authentic and real and in the United States there is a change happening, slower, but still a change."

Andrew Pudalov
CEO of Rush Bowls, United States

"I came here at SIGEP to look at the innovations and opportunities for bringing to South Africa lots of products and ideas. I am interested even in looking for staff if people like real authentic Italian chefs want to move to south Africa, we can create new opportunities together. Post-Covid I think people changed their habits, wanting to experience new stuff, but also going back to healthy, organic and clean way of eating. So there has definitely been a shift of people’s trends and mindsets."

Representative of Italian food brands, South Africa

"As business entrepreneurs we are growing in India and we are looking for more business opportunities, we want to explore what is happening around the world, discovering new flavors that we can bring from SIGEP back to our country and showcase there.”

Vaibhav Bhargava
Entrepreneur and chef, India

"We came here because Kurdistan now is safe, and we want to bring some technologies, machines, trade markets to our country to be in a good relation with the fair."

Seerwan K. Jameel
Representative of Unido, Kurdistan

"I come here because as a professional of gelato, coffee and bakery there is only one place to be: SIGEP. I noticed it the last year when I came and it has been very useful for my company to come back this year. Bahrain is a beautiful small island but very advanced: people want to get the best. The trend now is Italian food and Italian way of life. People do not meet any more in coffee shops, now the trend is to meet in bakeries. That why SIGEP is perfect: to combine the coffee shop and the bakery shop. This is a great opportunity for me because we have to be pioneers in getting new trends to Bahrain.”

Fawaz Almaz
CEO of Chtaura, company specialized in Italian products, Bahrain

"Pizza is a very fun industry, there is always a lot of innovation which shapes sizes and healthier novelties. We see a lot of gluten free in the US, different types of crusts, different types of flour blends, so there is a bunch of things that I can learn here at the show. It is exciting for me to be here at SIGEP because I get to see what’s happening in Italy, which might not be happening in the States, so I'll take everything I see back to the US with me."

Paul Pszybylski
Vice President of Culinary Innovation at California Pizza Kitchen, United States

"The exhibition exceeded my expectations because I saw more vendors than I thought and as a result I really made some good relationships with them for the future. In the pizza sector people are looking for healthier and lighter options, because traditionally in the us it has always been very heavy.”

Dory Alison
District Business Leader at Papa Murphy’s International, Stati Uniti

"I am looking for several items from equipment to new suppliers to new products and trends. This is my first time here and I didn’t have any expectations, but once I got here I think I am pleasantly surprised of how big SIGEP is, how many people are here, so many suppliers that I’ve never seen or heard before, so many options. All this is very exciting."

Weni Wu
Vice President International Marketing & Operations at Pinkberry, United States