“SIGEP is not just a showcase for us, it is our heart. We started at SIGEP 44 years ago; we believed in this project, we have always participated. Obviously, it is an occasion for us to promote our activities and our work but, above all, to promote Babbi’s passion for the world of ingredients.”

Gianni Babbi
Marketing Manager at Babbi


“Being part of SIGEP is essential for our company, because it is a meeting point, due to the fact that customers and potential customers come here from all over the world. On the one hand, this allows us to show and present our innovations and more; whereas, on the other hand, it helps us understand what the needs in different parts of the world actually are and, therefore, develop new products.” 

 Elena Zuffi
Product Manager at Carpigiani



“Participating in SIGEP is really important for us to meet our final customers: we sell through our distributors; therefore, here, we can meet our clients, gelato and pastry shops, talk with them, show them our marketing tools and our activities. Since we reach them through our distributors, we need these moments to speak with them and strengthen our relationship.”

Alessandro Rosiello
CEO at Comprital


“Taking part in SIGEP is extremely important for Molino Dallagiovanna, because here we can find everything that is related to the field of pastry, bakery and pizza: the entire world of baking. Therefore it is crucial to be here and continue to be here in order to support this sector.”

 Sabrina Dallagiovanna
Marketing & Sales Manager at Molino Dallagiovanna



“ISA is one of the companies that takes part in SIGEP since the beginning. We could never miss this event. This is the main place where strategies and trends are defined and where, most importantly, it is nice to meet all our clients.”

Christian Brusa
Area Manager at ISA

“SIGEP is an occasion to present our new products, our innovations, but also new projects. It is an occasion to meet distributors and sector operators as well as an opportunity to network and raise awareness of our company.”

 Valeria Baiano
Foodservice Marketing Manager at Vandemoortele


International buyers

"I was at SIGEP for the first time and I was overwhelmed by the range of products and the large number of exhibitors. The quality and variety of the competitions were also overwhelming. For me, SIGEP will be a permanent fixture in my annual schedule."

Gerhard Schenk
Präsident bei Deutscher Konditorenbund


“The first coffee I tried, it was the best coffee I've ever tried. And then I went to another exhibitor and I tried another coffee. I said: "No, this is the best coffee I've ever tried". And I went to the third one. So it's never ending... It just keeps on getting better and better and better.” 

 Mohannad Al-Samman
CEO International Center Group for Foodstuff Co.


“In my opinion, it's important to attend SIGEP because it allows you to see some of the various global trends and understand what's going on in the industry. It's also really nice just to be able to establish relationships with potential vendors, understand some of the high quality products that people have to offer and discuss how to get them to the US if possible.”​ 

 Lauren Johnson
Director Of Field Operations at Great Harvest Bread Co.


“What I liked the most about Sigep is that it's extremely organized. I like the fact that they're putting the show in segments. So when you go to the section of coffee, you find everything for coffee together. And that's helping me to do my job and actually focus on one topic at a time and be able to compare products from different manufacturers and decide which is best.”

 Taqir El-Noqrashy
Director Of Franchising & Real Estate Development at Chairman's Brands


“This is the first time I've ever been to SIGEP and I've been to a lot of food shows. This is the most impressive food show I've ever been to. If anyone is looking for anything to have anything to do with coffees and chocolates and pastries or equipment to do such, this is probably the best show to go to. It's very, very impressive.”

William Eudy
Corporate Executive Chef at FOCUS Brands International


“Coming to SIGEP is really important for my industry in order to discover new trends and innovations, and the latest products. It’s also important to maintain your relationships with suppliers, suppliers with whom we already work in Brazil. Coming here, getting to know them and their company in person it’s an enriching experience.”

Natalia Brina
CEO Superfood Comercio e Industria de Alimentos 


“I have been to SIGEP before the Covid, about three or four years ago. And this surprises me, that the industry is different compared to other shows. Because at SIGEP we can find some different products that other exhibitions don’t have. If you look more into the innovations and trends and the specific product, this is the answer. SIGEP is a very good show for us.”

Chartree Treelertkul
CEO Peaberry Limited

“Here at SIGEP, what has impressed me the most is that all companies, they make sure you have every time a story to tell, an activity with the client. They also have live shows, live cooking and a lot of tasting. So you are able to test their products. And they prepare good stands, with a lot of quality. Everything around SIGEP it's about innovation, about quality.”

Paulo Abreu
Deputy General Manager at Hotel Presidente Luanda