The first Italian platform that allows:

  • Companies from the food & beverage sector to grow worldwide
  • The business community to network to share views and goals
  • Foodservice operators to give birth to new business opportunities.


An Italian format that speaks the global language of quality. A platform for promoting the international competitiveness of Italian fare. From the original ingredients to the places of consumption. A system of trade fairs for developing the foodservice business around the world.

A journey through Italy’s genuine excellence:

  • The best ingredients
  • Quality products
  • Innovative technologies
  • New formats.

In partnership with:

Group Brand Manager Food&Beverage
Flavia Morelli

(+39) 0541/744.248

Brand Manager SIGEP - Gelato
Valentina Sorgente

(+39) 0541/744.262

Brand Manager SIGEP - Pasticceria, Panificazione e Caffè e A.B. TECH Expo
Giorgia Maioli
(+39) 0541/744.220

Brand Manager Beer&Food Attraction e BBTECH Expo
Cecchini Marco

(+39) 0541/744.319

Brand Manager Cosmofood e Golositalia
Lara Wruss

(+39) 0541/744.469

Brand Manager Foodwell Expo
Maria Elena De Iaco

(+39) 0541/744.310

Brand Manager FoodNova
Mariapia Gandossi

(+39) 030/6862302
(+39) 030/7776209
(+39) 345 3937678