SIGEP 2025 will host "Pizza Senza Frontiere - World Pizza Champion Games", organized by Ristorazione Italiana Magazine.

Talented pizza chefs from every corner of the planet will compete in an enthralling competition featuring no less than 17 different categories, offering a complete overview of the many facets of pizza.

The categories will range from classic pizza, the emblem of Italian tradition, to traditional Neapolitan and Roman pizzas, and there will also be more modern and innovative specialities, and more creative ones such as dessert pizza.

The jury, made up of industry experts and world-renowned chefs, will carefully evaluate each pizza, taking into account criteria such as dough, cooking, presentation of the dish and balance of flavours.

The championship represents an important opportunity for cultural and professional exchange, where participants will be able to compare notes, learn new techniques and forge international collaborations.

The presence of international Brand Ambassadors will make the event even more unique, enriching it with their experience and authority in the world of the art of pizza.

There will be moments dedicated to the exchange of knowledge between the competitors and all the professional participants.

Stay tuned... we will soon unveil the names!