Vincenzo Ferrieri - Founder of CioccolatItaliani

Founder of CioccolatItaliani

Vincenzo Ferrieri, 36, from Naples, after graduating in economics in Milan from Bocconi University, began working in the world of finance. Then the turning point. A trip to New York that inspired him and from there the desire to do business. He convinced his father Giovanni to sacrifice the family pastry shop to invest in a project without guarantees and move from Naples to Milan. In 2009 he created CioccolatItaliani, one of the most original and rapidly expanding formats of recent years, born in the wake of the Italian ice cream and pastry tradition. In eleven years, Ferrieri has opened about forty venues, 30 in Italy (13 of which in shopping centers, airports, large outlet centers) and 10 in the Saudi Peninsula, between the Kingdom of Arabia, Kuwait, Oman, Qatar, Bahrain. Cioccolatitaliani has recently also opened in Albania, Morocco and other countries. Ferrieri is also the founder of the PIE brand (Pizzeria Italiana Espressa) and president of the UBRI association (Unione Brand Ristorazione Italiana).


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