Recently introduced and partnered by ANGI, the Innovation Award rewards the excellence of exhibiting companies and start-ups while underlining SIGEP’s role as the primary venue for launching new products for the industry.

During the 2024 edition, many companies got involved and participated in the competition that rewarded the most innovative projects at the fair after a selection by the Evaluation Committee.


Products and/or services that introduce innovative concepts or ideas into the food, beverage or related technologies.


Bakertop-X™ - Unox Spa

BAKERTOP-X™ is the combi oven that revolutionizes chef-oven interaction with its cutting-edge Digital.ID™ operating system and intelligent functions that visually recognize food, enable voice control and ensure automatic savings.

Infundo Extra - Italia Zuccheri Commerciale

Italia Zuccheri practices a sustainable and certified agriculture. Infundo is the Italia Zuccheri product range dedicated to Master pastry chefs and White Art Professionals, born from the selection of the best sugar crystals.

L’artigianale Il Gelato Chetogenico - Città Del Gelato Srl

Città del Gelato has launched on the market the ingredients to produce the only artisanal gelato suitable for the ketogenic diet. It's low in sugar and high in proteins and fats. Such recipe has been 
approved by Salerno and TorVergata Universities.


Products and/or services that reduce the environmental impact during production, use or disposal.


Re-Maxigel - Food Packaging

The first ice cream thermobox derived from post-consumer plastic waste (EPS recycled 
60% to 63% from chemical recycling), which leads to a 50% reduction in CO2 emissions. The Re-Maxigel thermobox is Remade in Italy class A certified.

100% Vegetable fiber capsule - Caffè Pascucci Torrefazione S.p.a

100% Vegetable fiber capsules: the healty revolution in the word of coffee. A revolutionary, compostable packaging: container and content can be thrown together into organic wastes. Produced with systems with very low environmental impact.

Illetta - Illycaffè S.p.A.

Illetta is a professional machine with an innovative design capable of ensuring, through intelligent systems, consistently high-quality coffee, and the ability to offer new preparations that reinterpret the espresso.


Foods that are distinguished by their biological quality, natural ingredients or the ability to be free of allergens such as gluten, lactose or others.


Adore Pods of Crystallized Vanilla - Spice Ship Srl

Spice Ship Srl (Adore Vanilla) sources and processes vanilla and spices with a unique method directly at the source to ensure its quality. The efficient supply chain promotes sustainability and inclusivity benefiting the entire ecosystem.

Optimo, gluten free blend “type 1” - Molini Bongiovanni Spa

Optimo is the only 100% gluten free and lactose free blend with the colour, aroma and flavor of a real "Type 1" flour, due to the presence of brown rice flour and black rice.

Choco Soft Vegan - Bindi – Maestri del Dessert

A delicious vegan dessert made with a soft sponge cake soaked in coffee, wrapped in a luscious coffee cream and a fragrant vanilla scented cream studded with dark chocolate chips, and decorated with rich cocoa and dark chocolate chips.


Creative, sustainable and efficient packaging solutions that improve product conservation, reduce waste, or provide a more practical and environmentally friendly consumer experience.


Qup® - Gondola Packaging

Gondola Packaging launches Qup®, the world's first paper-only ice cream cup, with no plastic liner. Qwarzo® technology, a mineral-based coating, makes the paper waterproof, resistant to heat and cold, safe for the consumer, and keeps its recyclability and compostability unchanged.

Box Pizza Ecodu - Lampa Packaging s.r.l.

Made with high-tech material composed of cellulose fibers with thermal insulation capabilities. Water repellent, anti-cutting, oven-suitable and for reheating, TUV Austria certified, 100% compostable, customizable.

H-Cup - Medac s.r.l.

H-Cup Medac: for responsible recycling. Medac H-Cup is the new line of ice cream cups in full harmony with the environment. Its paper has a water dispersion barrier that facilitates the recycling process by allowing a greater quantity of cellulose fibers to be recovered.


Products and/or services using cutting-edge digital technologies that improve operational efficiency, consumer experience or create new business models.


Smart  - Labware

SmaRT is the first digital generation of POS system that integrates the digital receipt. It is able to transfer the document to the customer in digital format simply by placing the smartphone near the cash register, thanks to contactless technology.

Balance - Coldline – The Nice Kitchen

Balance is the only wi-fi technology that lowers power consumption up 50% less energy of kitchen equipment. It allows energy and money saving avoiding 
masonry work and electrical installations.

Cooki - Cooki Srl 

Cooki is the software for food industry professionals, offering a comprehensive and user-friendly solution for managing food info. Cooki simplifies recipe management and automates the handling of food cost, labeling, and regulatory information.