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SIGEP DAILY NEWS 1 - Sunday, 21st January 2024

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The Minister of Agriculture for Food Sovereignty and Forestry (Masaf), Francesco Lollobrigida, stopped off today at Italian Exhibition Group´s Sigep (ongoing at Rimini Expo Centre until 24th January) and, after a meeting with trade associations followed by a tour of the show, took part in the ´Dulcis in a Shell´ event organised at the Ministry´s stand dedicated to the information and promotion campaign for nuts. During the talk, Maestro Iginio Massari and the Minister spoke about the ´Master of Italian Culinary Art´ bill, the purpose of which is to support and promote the excellence of Italian cuisine by introducing an award of merit called ´Master of Italian Culinary Art´. The Minister announced that Maestro Massari will be part of the evaluation commission, together with other authoritative professionals. The Masaf stand also presented a full programme of masterclasses with tastings, conducted by internationally renowned master pastry chefs, including the two, world pastry and artistic sugar champions, that will be spread over the days of the event. Key ingredients for creations in the art of pastry, gelato and chocolate making are walnuts, hazelnuts, chestnuts, almonds, pistachios and carobs, all strictly of national origin: authentic culinary gems whose shells preserve the history of age-old cultivation and the richness and variety that only Italy knows how to express. Together with master pastry chefs, the masterclasses will see the active participation of 13 nut Producer Organisations which will have special desks in the exhibition area to promote their products and to organise BtoB meetings, thus helping to consolidate the sector´s importance.


Green, artistic and, above all, delicious. The afternoon of Saturday 20th January, in the Pastry Arena (Hall B5) at Sigep (ongoing at Rimini Expo Centre until 24th January), saw the staging of the award ceremony for the Italian Junior Pastry Championship, in which 9 of the country´s most promising talents challenged each other on the theme ´A Sustainable Future´. This unique competition is specifically for the Under 24s, for whom it represents a first great opportunity towards a successful career.
A prestigious jury, which included masters from the APEI (Pastry Chef Ambassadors of Italian Excellence) and AMPI (Association of Italian Master Pastry Chefs) associations, selected the winners of the three specific competition tests (artistic presentation in sugar, pastry or chocolate; single-portion; chocolates). The winner was 21-year-old Giuseppe Bonfiglio from Sant´Eufemia d´Aspromonte (Reggio Calabria); second on the podium was Francesco Marchitto (San Severo, Foggia), while third place went to Vincenzo La Monica (Venetico Marina, Messina). The event, promoted by Conpait in collaboration with CAST Alimenti, will be back today, 21st January, with the Seniors competition, in which 10 participants over the age of 24 will compete on the theme ´Travelling to the Orient´ with two tests: artistic presentation in sugar, pastry or chocolate and chocolate cake.


Yesterday saw the end of the first day of the Gelato World Cup, the world championship dedicated to gelato, organised by Gelato e Cultura and Italian Exhibition Group, and partnered by the World Association of Chefs´ Societies (Worldchefs). This world championship, now at its tenth edition, consists of three tests: Decorated tub, Gelato Cake and Ice Sculpture.
The championship, as per tradition, started with the gelato tub, embellished with various toppings, imagination and high-quality gelato. It continued with ice sculptures, crafted with great skill, followed by gelato cake, where both competing figures - pastry chef and gelato maker . were obliged to respect precise times for tasting and cutting.

This year´s rules are even more precise with an international jury assessing taste and another panel of team managers judging the artistic aspect. The international jury consists of five members of the World Association of Chefs´ Societies (Worldchefs): President Carlo Sauber (Luxembourg), Ljubica Komlenic (Italy/Serbia), Gilles Renusson (USA, France), Ann Brown (Scotland), Brendan Hill (Australia).
The competing teams come from Argentina, Brazil, China, South Korea, Germany, Italy, Peru, Singapore, Chinese Taipei, Hungary and Mexico. The competition continues today with the Single portion in a glass, Ice Sculpture, Mystery Box and Gourmet Gelato competitions, pending the final scheduled for tomorrow, Monday 22nd January. The competition can be followed in streaming through the App available on

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