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“Well, it's good to see that you are trying to do new types of ice creams, alternative for ice creams for example. It's a lot of innovation in how you can manage your own recipes in the coffee industry as far as I've seen. I see it's a lot of work also and innovation. It has been basically two years that we haven't seen new things. Some really like it's a new show. Also, pastry is quite developing It’s a lot of shapes, is a lot of art, and this thing is a lot of cooking shows and stuff like that. It's really interesting to see it and just see I mean, you can learn a lot”.


Santiago Peralta, founder of Bakery Chocolate. Quito, Ecuador

“We've been looking at what new products we can bring in and offer to our clients. And I think also we were looking at a lot of new products to put into our projects in the UAE”.


Ciara Morgan, sales marketing at Professional Kitchen, Dubai

“I think it's very important [to meet suppliers in presence] because in this moment, we have to offer to our customers the best products that we can find in this kind of offers and produce our best quality products”.


Daniel Barnett, purchasing manager at La Gallofa & Co.