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Here at Sigep, what has impressed me the most is that all companies, they make sure you have every time a story to tell, an activity with the client. They also have live shows, live cooking and a lot of tasting. So you are able to test their products. And they prepare good stands, with a lot of quality. Everything around SIGEP it's about innovation, about quality.”

Paulo Abreu - Hotel Presidente Luanda (Angola)

I love attending SIGEP because there's always new things coming up. I think Italians are very innovative. So I believe attending SIGEP is really important if you want to be in the trend and in new things that are coming up.


Sergio Narvarte – Sergio El heladero (Ecuador)

Sigep has become the Mecca of Dolce. People come here to get the latest and the greatest about sweets, about bakeries, about pizzas, about breads, all of the ingredients, all of the manufacturers of the equipment. They meet together, they get ideas from each other.


Taqir El-Noqrashy - Chairman's Brands (Canada)

It's very important to attend Sigep because it keeps you up to date. There is always something new and Italy, through Sigep, can show you what's new today in the market and in the industry and in the segment.”


Mohannad Al-Samman - International Center Group for Foodstuff Co. (Kuwait)