Livia Chiriotti - Pasticceria Internazionale Editorial Director

Pasticceria Internazionale Editorial Director


Tasty graphomaniac, Livia Chiriotti starts working very young in the family business, Chiriotti Editori, growing in the stimulating world of the magazines "Pasticceria Internazionale", "Pasticceria Internazionale WorldWide Edition" and "TuttoGelato".  She graduated in Science of Communication and, over the years, she became passionate about the art of constructive mediation and editing of successful books, continuing to write articles and reportages, and attending trade shows and events around the world. By training curiosity and empathy, she follows the various Italian teams of pastry chefs who take part in world competitions and she is often a member of the jury. She is a promoter and supporter of events, competitions, seminars and moments of reflection. She teaches marketing techniques and loves to create projects to help young talents: to this end, she has also founded, together with sensitive partners, the cultural association Pièce. In her spare time, in addition to cultivating more hobbies, including a wonderful and perky family, she enjoys creating effective bridges between people and knowledge.


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